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Adam Ant/Marco Pirroni Legend has it in forty seven Four thousand bikes met a force of seven Fourth of July was the time In a town called Hollister At the uphill climb Poor Jack Kerouac Riding with his paperback Camus In the pocket of his army fatigues It's kind of hard to spend your time Keeping cans of soup in line When you've been the waist gunner On a B.17 singing Anger Incorporated Anger Anger Incorporated Anger Whoever you are They will scare No friend of hoodlums anywhere Like John Dillinger -- number one Crime crazy filthiness all rolled into one Born in the shadow of the Boozefighters In tiny bars and up all nighters Terrorizing the local staff Cool and crazy Two wheeled Luftwaffe

Album mp3 versuri melodiei cantece cuvinte Adam Ant versuri. Cuvintele asculta ultima melodie muzica straina mp3 Anger Inc.

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