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Versuri If You Keep On

Adam Ant/Kevin Rowland I'll take it round Round by round And I will pay if you don't mind So just say hello Or even stare But don't talk about me When I'm standing there So you run your life And I'll run mine Don't ask how I am You're no friend of mine I've made my own bed It suits me fine I don't know your name But you sure know mine I'm not hard to get on with You'd try the patience Of a saint If you keep on talking to me With all of your crude advice I'll talk to you my friend And it won't be nice If you keep on doing what you're doing I'm gonna vexed with you If you keep on doing what you're doing You're gonna be next I'll take it round Round by round Don't want to hear bells when I hit the ground After awhile you get used to pain If you knock me down I'll just get up again Now these things I say Sound hard for you Well that's just because You've got no point of view Some people talk and never do And that's the big difference Between me and you If you keep doing what you're doing......

Ultima melodie descarca album album versuri muzica straina. Versuri cantece If You Keep On melodia Adam Ant asculta cuvinte cuvinte.

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