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Siyayibiz' as'hambeni! Hayi, Ngane -----------(We are calling: hey! let's go child of YamaShangane!----------the Shangaan) Oh the river is wide And the water is deep Got no money and I can't get to sleep Takes all my courage to look down that long road I am going to Giyani With such a heavy load I've got to: Shintsha---------------(change) Qinga------------------(strengthen myself) Qingel'isibindi--------(take courage) And don't give up Chorus Oh I'm going to Giyani Siyayibiz' as'hambeni! As'hambeni Oh I'm going to touch That magic mystery Leaving my troubles behind me Did you hear about the mouse That went to the cat for love The cat said: Mouse, I can't be what your'e dreaming of. You're so lonely. You've got it mixed up. You're looking down below for what lies up above. You've got to Shintsha----------------(change) Qinga-------------------(strengthen myself) Qingel'isibindi---------(take courage) Don't give up Chorus.....

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