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(C-Murder) Say Magnolia, Gateway bro It seems like they don't want a young nigga to get rich Like we ain't supposed to leave the ghetto I know we tied to the ghetto, but uhh life's a bitch You know, we was dealt some bad cards But you know, we gotta deal with it Lifes hard, so lets show em' what we made of My gateway to hell seems like its constantly open The reaper is callin', so I'm constantly smoking C-Murder ain't gonna die in vain My ghetto ties got me living my life in pain See the world knows, we gonna be thugs forever You can take me out the ghetto, but you can't make it better See the status of your money done changed But the status of your danger remains the same I need to clear my head of these evil thoughts And teach Magnolia and Gateway the shit I was taught Take a ride with me nigga to eternity And watch me live to see another century Lifes a bitch, who do you trust I put my fate in my glock, cause I know its gonna bust I used to think the hood was cool But my ghetto ties keep me checking in my rearview hook Who do you trust, my ghetto ties got me tripping, and lifes a bitch They can't stand to see a young nigga get rich I was dealt some bad cards Became a thug with no love 'cause life's hard (Who do you trust) (Soulja Slim) Lord you showed me, even dealt me these cards, I gots to play em' My life is like a game, I'm up from a.m. to a.m. Why don't I AK him if he don't have none of my paper Man if I let him live then he might take me for a faker He might try to do a jack, and that might cost me my life If you ever jack this real nigga, you'd besta kill me or pay the price I ain't nothing nice, behind the street machine tell me what you see A tall nigga bout 6'4, last left the murder scene Disguising in army green With infer beams on something, kinda gun nigga Fool one nigga didn't run My niggas went on and tore up his motherfucking ass with the bit fast Like witness that, murder in the first degree My ghetto ties fucking round' with me, don't do that hook (Da Hound) How many times, a nigga seen a family nut up And the momma was cut up, yeah I see now but later on I'm a be senile But see how us niggas get caught up, quick to go in the water Niggas steady vanishing away like saw dust I'm feeling that ease, I'm full of them weeds and them fleas Two 23's, nike's and reeboks let the window down and feel the breeze My cousin D, my nigga joned in the backseat thuggin' off the rome And to the Z, thinking about the lives we gonna free I tell him nigga please (nigga please) Soon as we drove up, fucking door was bout' to close up I knocked on the door, nigga hold up, you didn't see us roll up I forced my way in, I put seven up to his thoughts No time for thinking is what I'm thinking Killed the bitch, wouldn't finish shaking I went to the kitchen, I'm flipping pans, pots, and spoons out Heard four knocks, sounded like four shots, coming from the other room It's about that time now, for us hounds to get gone out Got the dilli, quarter milli, went to the next room Jhon Jones was in the zone I saw my cousin Navier, eyes bucking out his head Nigga bleeding from the mouth, he shaking, he's on his way out By this time, I took two hits from behind My nigga John looked in my eyes and said nigga you ready to die Damn, nigga why hook cantece cuvintele muzica cuvinte. Muzica straina melodia asculta descarca versuri versuri album cantece piesa Ghetto Ties C Murder.

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