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[C-Murder & Leanerd Dawg talking] Say lil' Learnerd Dawg (What's happenin'?) Nigga you heard of QB? (Yah, why wassup?) Well, yu know that nigga down with the click now you dig it (Okay) So ah, I'ma play this new shit here and did it for ya (Do dat dog) And ah, I want you to tell me me what you think about it (It's all good) Check it out (Fo Sho) [QB] First appearence as a No Limit Soldier for all the critics Real soldiers down front line and out to get it We be blastin them motherfuckers give us a chance to kill em Mo' muthafuckas then people die with cash, an mentally Gold and platinum artists and Bout It Bout It shouldn't start it No Limit Soldiers is Billboard regardless Can't stop the Tank cause we rollin with steel Have the skills to make a mill', straight hundred dollar bills No doubt we face the street dates break Triple platinum we chasin' with no hesitation Real soldiers and we stay TRU If you niggas wanna check us, that's how we roll through We TRU Soldiers motherfuckers [Talkin'] Yeah Woohoo, Nigga boy that shit's tight It ain't bad, that's it Shit, Yo P, sign that nigga Then bring the weed *Gun shot & driving off*

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