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fuck sometimes I just wish I could sleep it off cause i dream about things that I know that i can't have thing i know will never happen like a safe enviroment money happiness sucess niggas want static than he going to get it i came up with blood money that means i'm wicked I roll with nothing but ninos so they call me a baller i wiped a niggaz ass because I'm not a talker took a flight to kali came back with some birds ten g's for a key from a nigga called dirt I like to hear my mack eleven empty out a clip shot a fool up in the club and then i changed my outfit maintain and uphold my statis as a g niggaz kiss my ass because i got alot of money plain and simple niggaz leave huh when i don't feel'em because they know when they fuck up then i'm going to kill'em understand i was rasied where the young niggaz roam if you wanted something nigga you had to get up on your own all these want to be motherfucken ass hustlers better wake up and stop killing on another cause chorus 2x I wish that life was a dream cause some times i wake up and just want to scream i live amounst the cut throats and the killers lord don't let my son be another victim

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