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im a criminal he's a criminal she's a criminal we some criminal's wouldn't you like to be a criminal too and we thuggin'! uh huh lil boy...from tha south from tha mind to the heart tru thug niggas from tha heart boy...tru nigga aka... stick up kid (i gots to have it) i gotta have it...i live the fast life ya herd? i live the fast life the world ain't big enough for us check it out..... im a criminal detrimental to your health i break bread with any nigga bad for your health project boy c-murda milla straight up killa thug nigga somthin cajun witha pilla tha reefa put ya in a sleepa a night creepa i put 187 in ya beepa mah phone calls shit i think its tapped ?(had to feel ya with tha whole comble? by the gurt nap gun clappa aka the gun clappa ask my tru niggas we murderers and we rappas straight criminals from the bush to my shoes i done paid my dues i dont leave no clues cuz im.. (hook) criminal minded(x4) six in the morn po po's at my door just incase the yellow tape at the liquor store the white chalk around the victim witha vest it was a mess my ashtray was full of sess? you gotta warrant lets conversate upon the porch but i ain't trippin im thinkin bout that roach a misdameanor that'll lead to a drugbust 90 kilos in the yard on the schoolbus cant shake? angola to ride this out san quinton my niggas aint bullshittin' but i aint snitchin shit im official get the tissue 30 years im a miss you (hook) criminal minded(x4) (afficial) use a bitch nigga only bust at the feds i better take it like a man if they give me the chair when them toys come out everbody hit the deck cuz them hot slugs come out fast like fed-ex im talkin big guns that'll chop ya body remove ya stomach from ya hip i roll witha real click- we livin the fast life and we ain't slowin it down im hot like gun shells when they hittin the ground you niggas them kinda thugs that'll just be nervous get a body from my city ?????????deserve us no matta the charge misdameanor murda or fraud hoe's bail like they teach in university halls (hook) criminal minded(x8)

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