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Fugitive Lyrics we got the soul we got the honey stayed alive we keep on running house is on fire with petrol stain we stay on the move ahead of the flames we are the new accelerators faster we go before they make us maybe we did maybe maybe we don't we see your face as you throw the stone i am a fugitive on the run i carry the weight of what i've done those born a sweat through eyes of love bring more light than five thousand hertz it's not where you're from or where you go or what you believe it's more than you know open your head open your head hold me close as you jump off the edge [chorus] i am a fugitive on the run i carry the weight of what i've done so don't carry the weight don't carry the weight i don't carry the weight you can't change the world, but you can change what's to come [chorus]

Album muzica asculta muzica straina versuri Bush versurile. Fugitive versuri melodia mp3 album.

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