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Altered States Lyrics Living in a cage Washing in a birdbath Sinking in a fish bowl On a broken farm I try to never lie I really do I wonder if my friends Will get me through Conscious of the was as best we can 17 ways to kill a man States we've been through Killing nostalgia For future swims Trash all your bridges Kill the rock all roll thing I want to move on With no complains Building our walls with yesterday Might as well shine before you slide Might as well you live before you die States we've been through Talk about states A whole lot of emptiness Living in a state of constant chasing A river of flux for our tasting I try to never lie I really do I wonder if my friends will get me through It always seems to rain When you leave I try to stem the flow As we bleed States we've been through Talk about states, states Talk about states, states

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