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Insect Kin Lyrics Iron lung I know you well Deal with you like a bad spell See the trail moon burns Red stripe and vicadin You were the only one, You were the censor You'll never people me, I'm not defenceless In the afternoon as the light dims Build a life out of all of all this semtex You're the brightest one, You were the center The perfect opposite of of what you asked for Chorus: It's not just one way A negative factor With all of these wasps out I'd better take cover, better take cover Copper tongue beam me up Lonely without my impediments Start to save what we used to steal Walking on gelatine I never noticed you, You were the brightest one You were wide of me, Just like the English sun You caught the light again in a perfect way The biggest threat of all is in the alleyway You're the demon seed, You're the factor It feels better with a little bit of plaster Repeat Chorus There's all the pain in the way she talks There's all the pain in the way she walks There's all the pain in her wave goodbye All the pain in the way she smiles There's all the pain in her fatal charm All the pain in her arms

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