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Monkey Lyrics The mind is all we kiss everything We say we love it's the skin we're in You're a retrogade a vacancy You're the one I love the hate in me On a lazy day on a darker breed To have is not what it's made to be You come alone on a mass attack Sucking your tantric suck Fooling your one-eyed cat Chorus: We don't mind We don't mind I'm a monkey on a drip Sucker monkey on a drip We deviate our gravy brains Set 'em on fire they're all the same I am a lionface No sancho panza I'm riddled by you I could've been better Repeat Chours You take such pretty photos When will you be worthy of a good side Where will you be when the clouds break And all it takes just a little more than you have Repeat Chorus melodia versuri muzica cuvinte muzica straina. Bush versuri descarca versurile Monkey ultima melodie melodiei cuvinte.

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