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Versuri Freddie Said

Freddie's got the dirt on everybody on the street don't know how he does it but it isn't too discreet everybody says it always winds up being true he's got somethin' on everyone maybe even you! Freddie know-oh yeah Freddie goes-Oh yeah, I got the 411 in my head! that's what Freddie said one night Freddie's goin' home he's had a long, long day when he see big Eddie runnin' out the alleyway Freddie looks at the shadow of a body with a shrug there's Slapsie layin' deader then an ugly fire plug Freddie know-oh yeah Freddie goes-Oh yeah! I'll get the 411 to the feds! that's what Freddie said (TALK) PERSONALLY I DON'T THINK THAT WAS SUCH A WISE MOVE ON FREDDIE'S PART IF YOU SEE WHAT I'M SAYIN' Freddie now has the biggest news he's ever had but Eddie knows that Freddie knows and man, you knows, thats's bad! 'cause next night Freddie's walking home just like he did before badda-boom! badda-bang! badda-bing! he won't be blabbin' anymore! see Eddie said-oh yeah! Freddie's dead!-oh yeah no more the 411 in his head that's 'cause Freddie's dead now you know the skinny all about the scuttlebutt and the moral of this story is to keep your big mouth shutt! cause Freddie said-oh yeah! now Freddie's dead!-oh yeah I'll keep the 411 in my head! that's what Freddie should'a said

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