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Versuri I Miss You

When I wake up everyday I miss you and it never goes away I miss you people smile and while I take and even laugh I'm not even half the man they knew without you when I'm in our bed each night and I turn out the light oh how I miss you little things reminding me about you who will I annoy again, if not you? in my silent room sometimes I'll close my eyes and I whisper sweet good-byes you'll never hear Esther dear..... fifty years, Ester and Joe tell me how could this be so? oh how I miss you was I there when you needed me to be there? could you see there wasn't one day when you weren't my best girl? though we both drove each other crazy I love all the love you gave me and you where all that mattered in my world everyday I love you more and miss you and I wish you knew that through the darkest night you are still the light that helps me find my way and I pray one day we will meet again and all this emptiness will end and I will kiss you 'till that day though we're apart I'll hold you close here in my heart but God I miss you

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