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In my life I have seen far away places wild and serene but nothing I saw prepared me for the mat on the floor saying welcome home time flies see the moon rise as I'm makin' my way through another long day but I'll go to a place I know in my heart I know there's just no place like home welcome home welcome home to that place that's safe and warm always a shelter from the storm I'm going home welcome home roll out the welcome mat for me! I'm goin' home sometimes I remember all the days I never knew if I would ever make it through but just when I'd give up again I'd remember when the days were stormy home was always waitin' for me sayin' welcome home welcome home where there will always be a welcoming light on just for me when I go home welcome home no place that I would rather be than goin' home in my heart I know that someday when my time is drawing near I'm gonna hear welcome home welcome home where there will always be somebody waiting there for me when I go home home sweet home everyone's smilin' just for me when I go home In my heart I see Somebody waiting there for me welcome home welcome home it looks like a starlight symphony I'm goin' home

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