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Versuri Big City Blues

(with Mel Torme) Mel: Much of my life has been spiced with romance Barry: Too many bedrooms I've slept in by chance Mel: Drownin' out my sorrow Barry: Longin' for tomorrow Both: Caught up in the big city blues Barry: Rain pourin' down from a cold winter sky Mel: Don't wanna smile and I'm too sad to cry Barry: Clouds hangin' above me Mel: No one there to love me Both: guess it's just the big city blues Barry/Mel: Someday I'll find me the dream that I'm after I'll know her with only a glance Mel/Barry: She'll make me smile and she'll fill me with laughter and our love will be like a dance Both: Skies will be clear and the sweet sun will shine I'll hold her near and I'll know that sheΒ΄s mine No more stormy weather Love will last forever Good-bye to the big city blues

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