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It's time now to move a bit Forget about the stone faced angels Just move along keep moving on Silver to gold on the streets There's no pavements of gold, in the heat There's no more golden years - there your feet Follow me to end of the earth before it all breaks down They try to run from the cold No retreat there's nowhere left to go It's time now to move a bit forget about the stone age ages Just move along keep moving on Silver to gold and stone The city's crushing you stand alone but that's no way to be Follow me to the end of the earth Follow me before it all breaks down Follow me you'll find if you go there Your waiting there to be found Follow me you turn around We believe the same old story Where heroes wear the crown We don't see the fame and glory And watch the world go down

Versuri cuvinte melodia Level 42 muzica straina asculta mp3 piesa versuri muzica. Follow Me mp3 muzica descarca.

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