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Roasts his parents as they sleep, a ghastly human pyre Who'd suspect a little boy that shouldn't play with fire? Firmly tied down to the bed, sprawled across the mattress Doused in petrol, pleads of mercy, staring at the matches Eyes of horror open wide as finally the match is struck Hungry fumes burst in to flames, your little boy don't give a fuck Blue flames race across the blankets, sheets fuse to their backs Excruciating torturous pain, as faces melt like wax The fire-works excite the boy, he dances 'round the bed Chanting, whooping merrily, his parents glowing red Across the bed and up the walls, the fire licks the ceiling Paint and flesh react the same, blistering and peeling Blood, blackened lung and un-burnt fuel Ooze from the mouth as filthy drool Carbonized corpse brittle and thin Teeth grinning brown through black flaking skin Years gone by that little boy has turned into a man Ten score lives gone up in smoke - his trusty jerry can His favourite prey, the sleeping ones, ignorant to attack Awakened by the fuel-fumes of the pyromaniac The haunting dreams of parents dead, torments his mind each day New couples faces, a mere disguise, those parents have to pay Masturbating furiously, their torment he remembers A whisp of steam, a sizzling sound, as semen hits the embers

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