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Versuri Fighting Backwards

Rot in cages we crouch naked Waiting for the rest to land Extended faith they betrayed our friendship Imprisoned us by our own hand Time for us to wake and rise up May be too late but we must attack Either that or we'll know forever We're born cowards and we can't fight back Prodded punctured probed and tested Is this the way man was born to live? Bred like cattle and raised for slaughter Without a soul we've nothing more to give [Chorus:] And the war begins from behind cages Feed no more, rot, we're useless dead The only way to win is to starve them The way to win is to end our lives Our sacrifice renders our flesh useless Our death is life for the few outside The future for these struggling rebels Who gather armies for the final fight Without strength our captors weaken We do our best to do our best and die

Muzica cuvintele cuvintele cuvintele melodia Agent Steel ultima melodie versuri cuvinte versurile versuri. Fighting Backwards cantece melodiei muzica straina.

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