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Versuri Everybody move

(Ron & Russell Mael) Everybody move Move it up and move it down Sweet little thing ease it down Fall in the pool and you'll drown Everybody move Wear out the soles of you shoes Wear out the soles of your feet Move to the beat, toute de suite There's a red lite a comin' There's a red lite a comin' Slam on the brakes and slow down Everybody move Unwanted pounds will disappear You'll have a itty bitty rear Better lay off of the beer There's a new thang a comin' There's a new thang a comin' Better do something with your hair

Cuvintele cantece cuvintele muzica straina cuvintele album. Piesa melodia melodia Sparks versuri piesa cuvintele melodiei versuri Everybody move muzica asculta cantece.

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