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Europe what have they got to do to make you come alive What has happened to the heritage that once was yours and mine A capitalistic economy, the communists roam the streets The old people aren't safe outside, what solution do we seek Chorus: Europe awake, for the White man's sake Europe awake before it's too late Europe awake now We've got to get together soon, and take our nations back The race board, and the traitorous politicians should be sacked You can't turn on the TV because we know what we're going to see Either moaning immigrants, or the lying C.N.D. (Repeat Chorus) We've got to get together now, and wage our nation's fights If we don't act quickly, we're going to face the endless night We've got to take our nations back, from all the traitorous scum You'd better believe it, our day will soon have to come (Repeat Chorus) x2

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