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[Inspired by my dreamy golden voyages to the lands of my deepest desires.] Enter its kingdom... Fear is conquering my body, touch my hand My soul of sorrow is blessed Cry now for holyness, my flesh turns into dust Lying the cold axe upon my naked chest Fearful eyes staring to nowhere... I feel the rainfall that breaks the silence Paucity, paucity of love, enlight, see the Propensity of my ego to the hands of black Lord, within anon I fly, seeing...yarn Crock, I'm falling in, sacrament, I Drink the conium from the altar Falling into the fields of silence... Concede with fear, the burning swan Song, in a sea of tears My ancestor ones, ever lost, I find Nonentity the nostrum, nonsectarian Failing from the enormously cataract... Into the lake of fire... Welcome to the lake, the forest of your Dreams, the place of the Nil Burn, I'm lost into the silence of the Lustrate, my arms are useless and eyes create Pictures of my conscious, as my soul turns Inside out What a bless, what a blaster the experience of Pain... to feel inside The war, the battle, the flesh Which has gone rapped Soul remains... Rotting flesh and hopes a step Beyond the threshold of the everlasting temple... I cry now for holyness, my flesh Turns into dust Lying the cold axe upon my naked chest Sear, I conquer my fear, I love it ... Yell I'm an angel in gold and take my Share, eternal's pie Let my soul fly in memory... Cry for the deadly inner flash I Had before As I creature of the dark, blind Useless mortal sense As I died I left, I throw my Breath and flesh

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