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Sonny T.? Hey man, sorry 4 fuckin' up your turn-tables Mr. DJ (Brother Jules) That, that, that's cool man, that's cool Y'all didn't have 2 break my hundred fifty dollar glasses though But just 2 show U that there ain't no hard feelings (Mmm) I got a couple of ladies here I wanna introduce 2 ya (Ahhh) Prime beef boy, check it out (Mmm mmm) Check it out It's very nice 2 meet y'all, won't U ladies have a seat? (Mmm) Ha ha ha ha (Ahh) Sonny T., yeah, fuckin' with me, right (Mmm) Wait 'til he gets a couple of sips of that hallucination rain Ha ha ha ha Ain't gonna be not nice, not nice Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Boy

Cuvintele descarca piesa Prince muzica straina cuvinte. Melodiei melodia versuri muzica piesa asculta versuri versurile DJ Seduces Sonny album.

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