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Versuri Willing And Able

Said I'm willin' and I'm able I'm ready 2 place my cards on the table I've been holdin' back this feelin' 4 far 2 long Now that I'm willin', it's a fact Is truly mighty strong Like a child lost in the wilderness 'Till I reach my destination, I won't rest Cuz I'm willin' (willin') and I'm able (able) I'm ready 2 place my cards on the table (table) There's some kings in my deck and a queen or 2 So u know there ain't nothin', Nothin' that I wouldn't do (Nothin' that I wouldn't do) It 'twas a long time coming, but now that it's here All the non-believers better fear me Cuz I'm willin (willin' and able) and I'm able I got good and plenty cards 2 place on the table (table) Been holdin' back this feeling 4 far 2 long (Been holdin' back this feeling 4 far 2 long) Now that I'm willing, (this feelin') This feelin' It's truly mighty strong (truly, I... I) I'm willing (willin') and able (able) My vision is all clear, I'm feelin' kinda stable U know I am, u know I am Ready 2 whisper (whisper, whatcha say) Ready 2 shout (shout, now whatcha say) Ready 2 scream (scream, now whatcha say) from the highest mountain top (whatcha say, whatcha say) Lord, I'm willing and able I wanna dance and sing, somebody watch me do my thing (willin') (able) (willin' and able) (willin') (able) (willin' and able) I wanna dance and sing, somebody watch me do my thing (dance and sing, let me watch u do your thing) (bring it to me) Let me take a bite 2 see if u're ripe I'm kinda thinkin' about takin' a hunk, chunk a piece of your love tonight Well hello, MC T on a mello swing low to the tempo as I flow on a roll here we go, willing and able start the show right with that type of hype lay my cards on the table tonite don't take me light my flow hits u just like a lead pipe while I'm clockin' u just say 'fess about the boots I'm knockin' it ain't like that [somethin' to keep the Jimmy so get] off my back in fact u lack the knack step back before I show u how a fool acts, baby yeah

Willing And Able muzica straina piesa cantece ultima melodie album. Prince asculta versuri album versuri asculta muzica.

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