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Big white mansion Top of the road Latest fashion Happy, don't U know? Here I am in New York, yeah See the girl bold and fair (Yo, Anita!) {Martin sample} What's in your backpack 2day? Will it take my blues away? That's OK, U gotta run... Huh, check it, I don't need U 2 have some fun Comin' from the land of snow I guess I'm kinda used 2 cold But one day I'll have a big white mansion At the top of the road I'm gonna wear the latest fashion I'm gonna be happy, don't U know? I could use a new guitar Sing a tune at Chazz' bar Maybe meet a debutante Be a toy, do what she want (Tell me what U wanna do?) 9 o'clock, see John K. But U don't rock, come another day (When?) Come another day Spirit so low reachin' up 4 ground (Reachin' up 4 ground) One day I'm gonna make it in this lonely town Then I'll live in a big white mansion At the top of the road I'm gonna wear the latest fashion Then I'll be happy, don't U know? Hey there, what's your name? (What's your name, cutie?) And can U tell me how 2 play the game? (I am a winner) (Listen 2 this) Do I really have 2 cut my hair? (No) Now, that's a cross I could never bear (How 'bout them publishing rights?) Sell my publishing? What a laugh! (Ha ha) I don't know Bo, but I do know math (I do know math) Back 2 Minneapolis, there U go U can't find your house underneath the snow Cuz U're livin' in a big white mansion (Oh yes) At the top of the road U're wearin' the latest fashion Tryin' 2 be happy, don't U know? (Tryin' 2 be happy, happy) Big white, big white mansion (Big white mansion) At the top of the road U and me wearin' Versace, Gucci (Latest fashion) Hoochies, they all wanna do me (Happy, don't U know?) But am I really happy? Big white mansion Yeah, maybe one day (Yo, Anita!) {Martin sample} (Yo, check out that ass!) cuvinte Prince cuvintele versuri cantece melodiei muzica straina White Mansion cuvinte. Versuri cuvintele descarca cuvinte asculta asculta piesa asculta.

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