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A lonely maiden stands Bound to the obelisk As she tugs and pulls And tries to twist Shackles slice her virgin wrists Blood now covers her tiny hands How does thou receive this fate? She asks of her own mind Purity, innocence, encourage death Life... gone is mine I also ask of you my lord Thy god in heaven For I understand the error of mans ways But of creation and the seven days When was created the murky haze From which the beast has risen Fail me not my master For this is your creation Your son the bastard Leviathan Blackness, dripping stench Unrelenting vice Vile embellishment Transcending pure evil Standing now before her eyes Wings expanding...she's going to die Belching blue green fire Flesh feeds the desire The serpent gods apocalyptic smile Come to me my demon brother Of us both and our fathers A failure of creation ... abomination

Asculta Iced Earth versuri mp3 ultima melodie muzica straina. Mp3 Creator failed cuvinte melodia versuri muzica cuvintele cantece album melodia.

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