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Winter Nights (3:55) Music: Schaffer / Lyrics: Schaffer I feel, you'll see, the night cold and dead But watch out, we walk proud Together now until the end In these times we walk that line These frozen times Winter nights Bridge Look up to the sky, see the moonlit night The winter night sends shivers up your spine But it's deep inside your mind that's where you may find Inner demons and your desire Don't give up, don't give up Don't give up, don't you ever give up If you find you've crossed that line Then it's time, a state of mind Believe in what you see Our sacrifice, reality In these times you walk that line these frozen times Winter nights

Versuri melodia asculta mp3 Winter nights muzica piesa. Versuri Iced Earth cuvintele cantece cuvinte muzica straina ultima melodie.

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