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Through the flames I watch As you plead on your knees The reaper awaits The ride that you take Through the lake, lake of flames Will decide your fate Was all of it worth eternal pain The path you chose to live in vain The river Styx is calling your number The hot winds of Hell breathe your name [Bridge] On the night that it came to me It was like nothing I'd ever seen A vision darker than death itself A violent cloud straight from the depths of hell And that's when I saw my destiny As it approached I was frozen still I couldn't move, couldn't scream for help Out of the darkness it reached for me And that's when it planted the evil seed And that's when I saw my destiny [Chorus] Travel in Stygian The damned scream my name Travel in Stygian I can't repent it's too late Travel in Stygian Hot winds blow upon me Travel in Stygian No remorse it's too late [Bridge] The henchman awaits you Yes that's right, step aboard We have a very long journey You owe us You got what you wanted In your mortal life Now your soul is in our grasp It's time Riding on the hot winds of hell Traveling down in the ship of pain I chose this fate no turning back The river Styx has called for me.

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