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I can see clearly now, a painful vision indeed An attack on hallowed ground, from high above Alien to us, the species known as man A serious threat, in the eyes of the Elder So heed my warning, before our own existence falls near extinct Our culture is lost in ancient mystery, covered in the sands of time A sacred few survive the massacre this night In secret they will meet a new society Ten thousand years from now, a child will be born I've seen the vision, the writing on the wall He'll walk the Earth, two thousand years or more Paving the way, for mankind's fall So there is hope you see, but we must act with great speed Assemble the chosen, the ones to lead, And morph them in the likeness of man Oppressed for centuries, await the prophecy The child will set us free, reclaim it rightfully We'll take their identity and live among them free All the while, plotting events that mold their history We'll build the perfect beast with the knowledge that they seek If it takes ten thousand years, we never will retreat Assassins we will be, through human history Jesus Christ to Kennedy, the Domino Decree Disciples of the Watch, prepare the coming curse If it takes ten thousand years, we never will retreat And so, our world is doomed, we'll lay claim again some day There is hope, in the birth of one, so many centuries away melodia versuri Prophecy versuri mp3 Iced Earth melodia melodia muzica straina. Piesa piesa piesa cuvintele

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