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Versuri Circle Of Light

In the history of all dreams None has shone as brightly as you Wrestling with your book of colours Page by page I look for clues >From the gloom of my dark window I know one day I will make that flight, I will..... Chorus Step into your circle of light Ye le le mama Between Jesus and my ancestors Between my tribe and my urban cool Lies a bridge never crossed by any other I cross that distance with my sacred shoes Who needs the stars if you can see the moon Because in my dreams you keep shining through, I will.... Chorus Step into your circle of light Ye le le mama I'll cross your ocean tonight Ye le le mama Into your circle of light I will leave the house of my father I do not dream there any more Dance across the silence of the future And make for tomorrow's shifting shores I've got the wind to my back I've got the moon in my eye I've got the earth beneath my feet and I'm steady I've got to meet the dealer and trade a lost soul, I feel strong and I'm ready.... Chorus

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