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I have seen the full moon breakin' From behind the raging storm Saw a rainbow in the makin' Watched my baby being born But I never saw the seventh wonder Watched a hawk turn to a dove 'till I saw a cold heart.... Changed By Love. Now I'm Changed By Love. I have been a disbeliever A doubting Thomas in my time Did he walk upon the water? Did the water turn to wine? I threw my head back to the thunder Asked for proof from high above And then I saw a family Changed By Love. Now I'm Changed By Love. (Bridge) Now we will open our hearts Put an end to this madness, my friend If we hold on to each other and walk side by side There's no battle on earth we can't win........together From a father to a daughter From a mother to a son Let their love shine up to Heaven Let it shine for everyone Whisper to a hopeless stranger Tie a message to a dove Let him fly into a future Changed By Love. (Refrain) Whisper to a hopeless stranger Tie a message to a dove Send him off into a future Changed By Love. we're Changed By Love..... Now the Heavens surrendered the answer to me I'm Changed By Love. (Repeat)

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