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It was a day or so ago I saw him run into the night And on his face, more than a trace Of wild fear in the eye He was haunted by a tragic dream Of people in death machines And he did not know which side he was on And he hated being in between oh Chorus: Bombs away, bombs away Sign of the times -- watch where you're going What will you do -- see you if I free you Into the night -- feel the fear Do you know your left from your right? He's tired of the lies He's tired of the truth They never give him what they say He's tired of the fight He's tired of the truce The blackmail of judgement day He believes in a magic wave That rolls on the sea of time That can touch every single human soul If they could recognize it when it came -- too late Chorus Ye hum oh ye hum we mame, bathini? ngingenzani? (What do they say? What can I do?) Into the night -- feel the fear It's so near -- look over your shoulder Turn to the left -- turn to the right At any time it can appear muzica straina asculta mp3 Johnny Clegg and Savuka versuri versuri cuvintele. ultima melodie mp3 Bombs Away piesa ultima melodie.

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