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written by Lucas/Frost She can be dark as night and ageless as the void... A gentle breeze or winter storm Her eyes like crystal pools are gazing through my soul I can't pull myself away *Ride on air / Embrace the darkness / Touch the sky / Kiss the Light / Love the Silence Am I worthy of your everlasting spell I feel I've known your touch before Eye within my mind that recalls my yesterday's Reincarnation so complete (repeat 2*) I - I will ride the wind with you my love I'm singing ...OH...Ever - Everlasting spell that you have cast I'm singing...OH... Blasting through space and time we cling together You feed my dark need we'll be forever Come to me; hold me close let it now begin A feast of flesh, frenzy of lust we will always win Now we're one for the very first time - Dreams foretold - You've seen the Sign / explosive rush consumes our skin - Now we're one, We are one with sin

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