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written by Lucas/Frost In an age of wonder where magic was so real Knights stood brave with honor brandishing their steel As we heed our call to arms the message comes so clear To protect the land we love we must never fear *Searching for a place for us to right all our wrongs Courage, honor, bravery have made us all so strong Now we feel the power as we ride into the night Nothing that can stop us we will forever fight for Camelot Now we heed the battle cry we let our freedom ring Fighting for the truth and light and the one who would be king As he drew the sword from stone they fell unto their knees To purge the land of dragons fire and destroy evil and greed (repeat *) Welcome to Camelot evil will rule us not welcome to Camelot Fighting, Killing, Raging, Attacking, Destroying, Defending the land love called Camelot Welcome to Camelot evil will rule us not welcome to Camelot, welcome, welcome, welcome my friend to Camelot

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