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Versuri We Are The Coven

We are the ones that you come to discover You shall witness the truth Bathed in moonlight we praise the earth mother Soon you shall have your proof We are the ones who rejoice the earth's power Nature is our true friend Our deeds of flesh will excite one another We reach an orgasmic end Feel the time start to slip away To the ancient ones we will pray Feel the power of the night as you join our Coven Raise your face to the midnight sun Now the ritual has begun Taste the elixir of life as your enter the Coven We are the ones who give praise to the moonlight We embrace the night wind We speak the tongue of the Old Ones before us We are void of all sin We sing praise with the Ancient Ones mantras To them we owe a true debt To learn the ways of the Magic Ones powers How could we ever forget We are pure we are natures force Timeless souls void of all sin We are Seven and our souls unite Timeless spirits void of ills We are the Coven Born of the Seven We are the Coven We shall never fall

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