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Versuri Witching Hour

Born on the darkest night of evil scenery Torn from the womb of a bitch of blackened witchery Bottled souls will smash to bits in this magic celebration Cauldrons boil with the stench of flesh in this evil night's creation And you shall take my hand I'll lead your through the land Soon it shall come to be You'll be one with me Into the dark abyss I'll lead your timid soul You will be shown the way into our wicked home The darkened woods are alive with chants as you join the celebration Join hands with the coven now and begin evisceration Fear the Witching Hour - The 13th Hour! Fear the Witching Hour - the darkest hour! When you look in my eyes - what do you see? Can you dispel the lies, it will set you free

Descarca muzica straina cuvintele asculta piesa Seven Witches. Versuri asculta melodiei asculta muzica Witching Hour descarca versuri.

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