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Versuri Before You Walk Out My Life

Oh oh oh, oh yeah yes, oh oh oh, my, my Here we are face to face With the memories that can't be erased Although we need each other Things that changed, it's not the same Sometimes it makes me wonder Where would I be, if you hadn't discovered Which I did, inside of me I know there was something, that we could compare Oh, well, I, 1-Never meant to cause you no pain I just wanna go back to being the same Well I, only wanna make things right Before you walk out of my life Remembering the good times From a portrait hung on high It's filled with so much color And the laughter we left behind I made the choice and you couldn't decide I made the choice, I was wrong you were right Deep down inside, I apologize (rpt 1) Though I made plans with you To always have time for you (Before you walk out of my life) I guess it's true, cannot live without you Don't ever go away, ooh oh yeah (rpt 1, 1) Before you walk out of my life

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