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JD: I don't think y'all can handle this I don't really think Y'all can handle this Mo,I don't think they can handle this I don't really think they can handle this Monica: *I'm too hood for you I ain't trying to act too good for you I'm just trying to tell you what's real and true Baby,I don't think you can handle this(I'm too) I'm too hood for you Tell me what you know about ridin on chrome, bout hair braided up with the golds in your mouth. Nothing,nothing(I'm too)* I don't wanna pull your card Play you out,call you soft But the line you just kicked to me It won't get you nowhere with me I can see that you are not The kind of guy that I like Me and you could never be You're too nice and just too pretty and... (Repeat*) It's not your fault I'm from the hood I love' em bad and hate' em good To keep it real with you honestly That's the only type of figure that can handle me All tidied it up or faded up A player that don't give a what I'm the only one he lets inside When he does it's ride or die That's why I'm... (Repeat *) I try not to let it show Something said,Mo,let it go And let yourself be free 'Cause I can take myself out of the hood But I can't take the hood out of me I'm a gangsta,got diamonds in my teeth So ghetto,yeah,just one of these I gotta have the heart to play the part And talk the talk to walk these streets I'm too hood JD: Call it what you like Sometimes I like to fight Get fly,get high Party all night Keep at lease five grand In my pocket in a rubber band Only rock it if it's name brand You know Prada,Gucci,Polo whatever The car Gotta have in wood grain and leather The shoes They gotta be twenties or better I don't care if you're in a Benz or a Jetta Ladies with tattoos About three or four Of somebody's name You don't even see no more And you gotta have the flings Some rings or a neckpiece Bracelet or studs in your eat at lease Fellows with more than two BM's That's too hood Girls that dress like Lil' Kim That's too hood Can talk without cursing gold teeth And Mel K,all that's I'm just too hood (Repeat* 3 times with ad lib) Monica versuri cuvinte cantece ultima melodie Too hood descarca cantece. Album descarca cantece muzica muzica straina versuri cuvinte album.

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