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Versuri Why I Love You So Much

Oooh baby You give me the world ooooh and everything that I want for Since I've been your girl Oh my whole life has been much better than ever before You got a tender sweet love, yes you do That weakens me and takes over me whenever we touch 1 - Baby that's just why I love you so much Baby that's just why I can't get enough Baby that's just why I love you so much I love only you Now you say that your down Oh you said you won't play around No, no not with my heart And when your boys come around No your not disrespecting me And not trying to be Mr.-wanna-be-hard You let them know that I'm yours yes you do By holding me, and kissing me Let them know that for sure Repeat 1 Yes, you don't ever say I'm too young thank you baby I've been around enough to know enough to know just what I want You don 't move too fast or make me rush No one day we're gonna talk about making love No doubt baby when time is right Repeat 1 Baby no one else Can do what you're doing to me You take me and you hold me You wrap me in your arms baby And I love you for that baby You don't run in front of your friends And you stand up and be a real man I love you, I love you and I love you, for that baby

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