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For the sake of man he has forsaken his whole tan Living in the snow advancing how much we will know But his heart cries out Barbecutie, Barbecutie, Barbecutie, you Barbecutie, when you're with him he is warm Let's pursue this more why should he leave so much that's warm To his detriment maybe he's oh so slightly bent Ask her, she would know Barbecutie... The friends are getting friendly on the lawn the flies are making enemies of all Aroma rising from the ancient coals has turned you into someone very bold and killed whatever hesitance she showed Barbecutie... Look he's back unharmed he must defrost his frozen charm "How are you today" that's very good, he's on his way To the Barbecue Barbecutie... muzica versuri versuri piesa piesa melodia cantece melodia muzica straina Barbecutie. Piesa Sparks piesa piesa mp3.

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