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Don't shut your eyes When they're lighting up the skies I just want to see them shine And I cannot take my mind off you Halo of fire In my heart there is a choir And it's singing of desire And I'm watching everything you do Hey! Let's make a love impact With hard hard kisses And a cruel attraction Let's watch our love implode We're two near misses On a dangerous road We've gotta go slow You've an acetone smile And you curl it in style Baby night eyes Stone, stoned look You're a mystery book Baby night eyes Troubled and shined I've a diamond in mind Baby night eyes You're a scorpion sting A little dragon with wings Baby night eyes Don't shut your mind Because if you do you'll find I'll be standing right behind And I won't be very kind To you No For a rainbow of gold I'll be standing in the cold I'll be waiting to be told 'Cause I've gone and sold my love to you Yes I have Hey! Let's make a love impact With hard hard kisses And a cruel attraction It's all gone hazy, love's gone crazy It's all gone crazy, love's gone crazy It's love, it's love gone crazy...

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