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Versuri Undress Me

Undress me Undress me But not right away Not too fast, eh! Can you crave for me? Desire me? Enthral me Undress me Undress me But don't be like the first time Or go too crazy First look at the truth Take time to proceed Don't be uncouth Or show your greed Devour me with your eyes But be cautious I'll become ravenous By and by Undress me Deshabillez moi But not right away Not too fast, eh! Can you hypnotise me? Envelop me? Capture me Undress me Undress me But with some tact And be exact And dextrous Choose your words with care Control yourself, be strict Not too slow nor quick On my skin There that's it, I'm trembling And offer much to your expert touch Oh, come on! Undress me Deshabillez moi I want it right away Go faster, it's okay Can you possess me? Consume me? Burn me...up! Undress me Undress me Behave like a lover And be a lover Do it! Undress me come on, undress me And you......undress yourself

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