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Versuri My Little Lovers

A tearful tincture washes The cabbage green skies Beneath the dribbling tree With tender shoots... Your raincoats White with special moons With round eyes Knock together your kneecaps My ugly ones We loved each other At that time Blue, ugly one We ate soft boiled eggs And chickweed One evening, you anointed me poet Blond ugly one Come down here that I may whip you Across my lap I spewed your brilliantine Black, ugly one You would chop my mandolin On the edge of my brow Ugh! My dried saliva Red-haired, ugly one Still infects the trenches Of your round breast Oh my little lovers How I hate you Plaster with painful blisters Your ugly tits Stamp on my old pots Of sentiment Come on up Be ballerinas for me Just for a minute Ohhhh..... Your shoulder blades Are dislocated Oh, my loves A star on your lame back Turn your turns And yet it's for these mutton shoulders That I've written poems I would like to smash your hips For having loved Pointless heap of failed stars Crowd the corners You will burst in God Saddled with ignoble worries Beneath the special moons With Round eyes Knock together your kneecaps My ugly ones!

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