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Versuri We Need Jealousy

Heaven help me Lord above You don't trust me But how I love Your jealousy (jealousy) You're on the phone Or at my door You watch my home But I adore Your jealousy (jealousy) Oh your jealousy Oh I love your jealousy Each night I lie awake for hours And thoughts of you my heart devours With jealousy (jealousy) Do you think of only me Or could this suffering just be My jealousy (jealousy) Oh, oh my jealousy Oh, oh I love your jealousy We need jealousy We believe in jealousy I'm walking on a precipice A love too dangerous to miss Called jealousy (jealousy) Always dancing on my toes To a tune everyone knows Called jealousy (jealousy) Oh oh called jealousy I'm always living with a doubt That love I feel is flat without The jealousy (jealousy) Though possessive is the love we share Our love sleeps soundly in the care Of jealousy (jealousy) Oh oh of jealousy Oh we need the jealousy Oh we believe in jealousy Oh we need the jealousy

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