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[Efthimis Karadimas / 94] Lured by the beauty of thou chantings the ones being sang by your delicate slende body sanctuary of thou precious faith furious soul hauntings as the sky cries, mournful odes clamor saddy Ardour was I Charmed by the foulmoon's dasty hazy rays Staring all white to those promising stars shall I conquer the keyland's golden lace I endow my firelike soul with million of stars Lay with me souless fiancee, let me thread slip into the sea this liquid horny heaven, your eden's markstone Oh, how amazing is to feed, my generation's tree awake the beast inside, my picture I'll you Ardour was I and Ardour still am I Mesmerized in ecstasy's path I walk in etherial orbit awake by the orgasm of the ogress, thou waves of liquid fire streams, flowing from this velvet orchid like onshore breeze intoxicates me, my soul's fave.

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