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Lawns grow plush in the hinterlands It's the perfect little setting for the one night stands Now the drapes are drawn and the lights are out It's the time to put in practice what you've dreamed about She can show you what you must do To be more like people better than you Chorus: Amateur Hour goes on and on When you turn pro you know she'll lets you know Amateur Hour goes on and on When you turn pro you know She tells you so Girls grow tops to go topless in While we sit and count the hairs that blossom from our chins Our voices change at a rapid pace I could start a song a tenor and then end as bass Choose your partners everyone If you hesitate, the good ones are gone (Chorus) Dance, laugh, wine, dine, talk and sing But those cannot replace what is the real thing It's a lot like playing the violin You cannot start off to be Yehudi Menuhin (Chorus)

Versuri mp3 melodia versuri asculta album descarca Amateur hour. Mp3 Sparks cuvintele melodiei muzica muzica cuvintele ultima melodie asculta muzica straina.

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