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Versuri Almost Diamonds

You kissed my grateful skin And left a chain of bites and bruises I'm sorry when you grin Almost diamonds for the losers I'll swim inside your tears And wander through your rooms of silence The motive crystal clear Your tongue is love And your heart is violence Almost Diamonds Scratched perfection Almost diamonds Tears in glycerine I spied you kissing her You faked your love My broken brother Everybody burn Secrets spill and smiles are smothered You have to roll the dice Pain is two And fire is sixes Vengeance feels nice I know the shine Behind your tricks is Almost diamonds Scratched perfection Almost diamonds Tears in glycerine Who would have thought It would end like this You gave a stranger A dangerous kiss Now your pretty eyes Say these precious lies We're just beautiful imitations They were Almost diamonds Scratched perfection Almost diamonds Tears in glycerine Catch our teardrops As they fall You know we nearly Had it all Fallen tears of glycerine Gone is all of what we dream Almost diamonds Scratched perfection Dark reflections Love won't find us Only in dreams

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