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Versuri All Eyez On Me

[Rodney Jerkins:] I see you girl. Darkchild. I got my eyez on you. Monica, Let me see what you workin' with. Let's dance yeah come on, come on. [Monica:] [Verse 1:] When I step in the club There's so much Love All Eyez on Me All the girls and thugs Glasses go up It's that time baby If you're looking right And your game is tight Come chill with me Get up on the floor And dance some more The night's just beginning [Chorus:] I can feel your eyez on me You're watchin' And off up in the club Tonight it's poppin' And I can tell that you're feeling it, too Know u do [x2] [Verse 2:] Now when I'm doin' my thang You checkin' for me Just step my way Don't you be Too shy or be ashamed You get love from me So when we movin' close We're toe to toe Just dance with me And when we've come to an end Me and my friends We'll do it again [Chorus x2] [Breakdown:] Come on let me see you work it out I'm a pretty young thang Imma turn it out Party all night Workin' it out Till the lights out Till the early morn [x2] [Bridge:] Don't you know now is the perfect time I can make it right Makin' you all mine Baby tonight if you hold it down I can give you all that I got [Chorus x4] [Ending:] I see you (ah baby!) You watchin' me (ah baby!) I see you (ah baby!) All Eyez On Me (ah darling!) [x2]

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