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Versuri All Bullshit Aside

Yeah, check this out, Ren is back in this mothafucka for 93' For all ya'll punk ass niggaz that thought I was'nt gonna do this shit, Back there talkin' all that shit, won't believe me and my shoots, Fuck all ya'll niggaz cuz I come back hard 93', So all you punks mothafuckaz check yourself niggaz! I killed that bitch that waited 40 ounces Start hittin' my switches cuz my 40 bounces Lean to the side like a mack would do Or I can come off like a G and mothafucka I'll jack you Cuz niggaz be talkin' that shit cuz I'm fuckin' the rest and I can't scrap Who needs to scrap, my niggaz commin' from de back. So bitches hold your panties up, tick your tits Cuz mothafuckin' Ren is makin' mothafuckin' hits Still sportin' cackies keep my dick in my dickies Only wave 'em up when bitches wanna give 'em hickeis Other than that, I'm lookin' up for #1 Cuz #2 I did'nt trust so my nigga had to bust Burry him in the back another weedplants My niggaz said it was the reason why the weed is so dope Grab another bitch twist the panties off the top Open up my mouth and let the old english drop Buzz for a minute - could'nt walk a straight line But that shit don't stop Ren from writin' a rhyme And punk mothafuckaz can't hide, from a nigga homicide all bullshit aside .. kick it .. Yeah, put de fuckin' bullshit aside [oh yeah, yeah] Yeah, put de fuckin' bullshit aside [you wanna fuck with me?] Yeah, put de mothafuckin' bullshit aside [nigga step off nigga!] Yeah, put de mothafuckin' bullshit aside [mothafucka] Take donations from my niggaz for de booth I thinkin' of gettin' a case better yet I get two Slap up de phone 6 3 2 15 Bitches ring the bell - it's a fuckin' tight jeans A kiss on my chick but my dick is gettin' jealos She whispers she want suck and when we're not around de fellows Fuck that shit, bitch, do what you gotta do Cuz when you're fuckin' with Ren ho' my niggaz peoplez too Now I'm zippin' on my blue black car Thinkin' of the times in the blvd I saw people out there gettin' gangsta shit Niggaz shootin' every night - niggaz lootin' and shit Sendin' niggaz straight to the coffin And this type of shit in the streets it's very often The shit is like an everyday thang to me A lot of niggaz on my block I have 'em slang for me But that ain't shit, my true niggaz stay down De plasma hard G'z don't be fuckin' around And why would you even think to hide, Nigga cuz you got all bullshit aside, check it .. Yeah, put de fuckin' bullshit aside [yeah nigga] Yeah, put de fuckin' bullshit aside [nigga you think you can fuck with me?] Yeah, put de fuckin' bullshit aside [that is not what I said] Yeah, put de mothafuckin' bullshit aside mothafucka Train came in in some cackey shorts And he came up on the hand at the basketball court Takin' niggaz money shootin' dice at the pawn The mothafucka starts to leave when it starts to get dark Cuz Ren has don't got no mothafuckin' name, When he's shot by a nigga from my mothafuckin' game The niggaz in de house just kickin' it Bitches on they're knees straight lickin' it Ren is in control, bitches call me the mesaiach I zip on some old drink fool so I can stay higher Cakeys is krist, fresh from the surplus My little nigga ball starts to pull up a fass So now they drunk his beer so he put out a tatoo So we walk the tommy dog that's the will nigga anthem So Juvi' pass the movie it's American Me The only movie that's allowed to be watched by a G Now bitches just commin' out of blockz and flatz So you can hear a smokin' ho's yo for rockz and blantz Takin' these bitches for a ride, treat 'em all like Ho's all bullshit aside ..

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