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Versuri All Alone

(Verse 1) Sitting here all alone, just thinkin' bout'cha staring at the phone Wondering if you're gonna call, my mind is racing off the wall See it was cool, when you said my name To imagine it is not the same I must be strong, I will go on But this empty heart is causing me pain, don't wanna be (Chorus) x 2 All alone, all alone, all alone, don't wanna be all alone all alone, all alone (Verse 2) Said that you would always be there, now I'm so alone I can't even bear But honey that's just fine, cause one day, the only love you want, will be mine I'm not a fool, I've got integrity, don't blame my sensitivity It's not a game, cause alone I remain And this empty heart is causing me pain, don't wanna be (Chorus) x 2 (Bridge) We could take the time to make things right, just stay Somehow I've got to drive this loneliness away (Chorus) x 2 Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey (Chorus/Vamp) Don't wanna be all alone Don't leave me baby Come back to me, say yes, say yes Don't leave me alone, oh c'mon back, c'mon back I don't wanna be alone Don't leave me here alone, don't wanna be alone I don't wanna be alone I'm waiting right here Down on my knees Please tell me that you'll come back to me I don't wanna be alone Baby don't you have me here on my own C'mon back, c'mon back I don't wanna be alone

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