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Versuri Let Go

(Verse 1) I know that you need me, mmm So baby I dare You to release it Baby you know that I'll take you there You want me, sexually, ooh You know I'll go all the way So baby don't tease me, ooh It wouldn't be fair I can see that you're feelin' Every time that I touch you there Nothing is wrong with gettin' it on Ooh, lets go Lets flow, baby it's been too long (Chorus) Baby just let go (let go), and don't fight (baby don't you fight it) Ah, baby 'cause I know (I know all the things you like) If you just... Let go, baby it's alright 'Cause I wanna groove with you Wanna lay with you Whatever you want me to do (Verse 2) Baby I'll love you, like a good wine Work on you slowly Baby you know that I'll take my time I know you've got a little freak in you Ooh, I'm down, right now For whatever you choose (Chorus) (Bridge) Come on baby you can't hold out forever Don't you wanna taste of my love, my love You know I won't let you down, baby If you just let go I'll show you right now (Verse 3) So how are you feelin', mmm Was it alright Was I what you been needin' Baby you can't hold the love inside You and me can make a little history Ooh, baby let's make love all night (all night) (Chorus and breakdown to fade)

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